January 07, 2021

Research Reports

Research reports will document the research findings from all the research teams involved. They will give a clear overview of the various existing legal and policy approaches in dealing with ‘vulnerable’ migrants seeking protection and of their concrete effects on the ground, and seek to identify best practices.

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Policy Briefs

Policy briefs will seek to engage in a conversation with stakeholders, on the basis of the main research findings and evidence.

Vulnerabilities Beyond Age - Filling the gaps in asylum hearing procedures for unaccompanied minors

In this policy brief, VULNER members Hilde Lidén and Sylvie Sarolea provide five policy recommendations.

The policy brief is part of Population Europe's policy brief series "Population & Policy Compact" and available here.

Scientific Publications

Junghans, J., "Instrumente für einen effektiven Gewaltschutz in Aufnahmeeinrichtungen", Zeitschrift für Ausländerrecht und Ausländerpolitik, Heft 2, 2021, available here:

Kluth, W., "Die besonderen Bedürfnisse von schutzbedürftigen Personen im System des europäischen und deutschen Migrationsrechts", Zeitschrift für Ausländerrecht und Ausländerpolitik, Heft 4, 2020, available here:

Working Paper Series

The VULNER Working Papers Series allows experts to share research findings that contribute to a better understanding of migrants’ vulnerabilities and how they are being addressed in the relevant legal frameworks as well as actual practices of public servants and aid workers.

Working Paper Series No.1

The English version of the analysis published by Winfried Kluth, VULNER project member and leader of the work package on Germany, in the Zeitschrift für Ausländerrecht und Ausländerpolitik is now available as a Working Paper.

In this publication, Kluth analyses how the special needs of vulnerable asylum seekers are being addressed in European and German asylum law.

Dowload the working paper here.
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