Panel Discussion

June 17, 2022

Jakob Junghans, VULNER member of the German team, participated in the panel discussion 'Ankommen – Integrationsprozesse in Deutschland' on integration of refugees in Germany together with Reem (Common Voices, Radio Corax) and Prof. Dr. Nina Glick Schiller (Manchester, /Halle/Saale) on June 17, 2022.

What does the reception of migrants in a city like Halle/Saale look like? Using examples from research and practice, the panel explored the question of how migrants arrive in the city and how they experience their reception. How are migrants integrated into the daily What are their experiences and how are these shaped by legal regulations and restrictions? What does this mean for the self-organization of migrants?

In his presentation, Jakob shed light on the national legal framework in Germany relating to the reception of refugees. He showed how conflicting legal norms within the Asylum and Residence Act are leading to an inconsistent integration approach, which differs widely in the German states. Furthermore, he pointed out constitutional principles and theoretical reflections, which should the legislator should be aware of when making new laws. For instance, to isolate arriving refugees and proactively prevent integration leads to a situation of uncertainty and therefore increases the migrant’s vulnerability. Both, Hannah Arendt’s 'Right to have Rights' and the principle of human dignity as ensured by the German constitution constitutional ensured human dignity ask for a minimum of participation, which the state must respect. Jakob illustrated what this means for the legal integration framework.

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