Policy Briefs

Country Policy Briefs

For each country under study, the country policy briefs identify the best practices and implementing issues of existing mechanisms to identify and assess the special needs of vulnerable migrants seeking protection. They formulate concrete policy recommendations.

by Sylvie Saroléa, Francesca Raimondo and Zoé Crine

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by Delphine Nakache, Dagmar Soennecken, Christiana Sagay, Mélissa Mary Anderson, François Crépeau, Edit Frenyo, Zainab Mahmood, Anna Purkey and Rikita Tanotra

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by Winfried Kluth, Helene Heuser, Jakob Junghans

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by Sabrina Marchetti and Letizia Palumbo

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by Shaden El-Daif, Maha Shuayb, Maria Maalouf

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by Hilde Lidén, Erlend Paasche, Jessica Schultz, Helene Wessmann

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by Sophie Nakueira

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Thematic Policy Briefs

The thematic policy briefs formulate recommendations on policy relevant issues, that were extensively discussed during high-level expert meetings based on the intermediate research results of the VULNER project.

In this policy brief, VULNER members Hilde Lidén and Sylvie Sarolea provide five policy recommendations.

The policy brief is part of Population Europe's policy brief series "Population & Policy Compact" and available here.



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