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Policy Handbook

Policy Handbook
Better Policies and Laws to Address Migrants’ Vulnerabilities
10 Key Messages from the VULNER Project
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Common Policy Brief

Towards Vulnerability Assessments that support the Customized Implementation of Asylum Law and Policies
This Policy Brief was prepared by Luc Leboeuf, Cathrine Brun, Marie-Claire Foblets, Susanne Höb, Winfried Kluth, Hilde Lidén, Sabrina Marchetti, Delphine Nakache, Sophie Nakueira and Sylvie Sarolea, based on inputs from all the VULNER project members.
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Country Policy Briefs

For each country under study, the country policy briefs identify the best practices and implementing issues of existing mechanisms to identify and assess the special needs of vulnerable migrants seeking protection. They formulate concrete policy recommendations.

These policy briefs were issued following the second research phase, during which we conducted ethnographic fieldwork among migrants and refugees to document their experiences of vulnerabilities, and how they navigate the ‘vulnerability’ categories that have been established by institutional actors in each of the countries under study.

The experience of Syrian and Palestinian refugees amid compounded crises
by Cathrine Brun and Maria Maalouf

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Minding the Gaps: Towards an equal and coherent Assessment of Asylum Seekers’ Vulnerabilities
by Zoé Crine, Francesca Raimondo, Christine Flamand and  Sylvie Saroléa

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These policy briefs were issued following the first research phase, during which we analyzed how institutional actors assess and seek to address migrants’ vulnerabilities in each of the countries under study. We did so based on the analysis of the relevant legal and administrative documents, as well as of the implementing practices that were documented through semi-structured interviews with practitioners.

VULNER Policy Brief: Belgium
by Sylvie Saroléa, Francesca Raimondo and Zoé Crine

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VULNER Policy Brief: Canada
by Delphine Nakache, Dagmar Soennecken, Christiana Sagay, Mélissa Mary Anderson, François Crépeau, Edit Frenyo, Zainab Mahmood, Anna Purkey and Ritika Tanotra

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VULNER Policy Brief: Germany
by Winfried Kluth, Helene Heuser, Jakob Junghans

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VULNER Policy Brief: Italy
by Sabrina Marchetti and Letizia Palumbo

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VULNER Policy Brief: Lebanon
by Chaden El-Daif, Maha Shuayb, Maria Maalouf

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VULNER Policy Brief: Norway
by Hilde Lidén, Erlend Paasche, Jessica Schultz, Helene Wessmann

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VULNER Policy Brief: Uganda
by Sophie Nakueira

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Thematic Policy Briefs

The thematic policy briefs formulate recommendations on policy relevant issues, that were extensively discussed during high-level expert meetings based on the intermediate research results of the VULNER project.

10 Years After the Directive 2011/36/EU: Lights and shadows in addressing the vulnerablitiy of trafficked and exploited migrants
The EU’s anti-trafficking Directive adopted a holistic, human rights sensitive approach but has not been implemented sufficiently in all member states’ legislation. In this policy brief, a  group of eminent experts and Population Europe review the challenges and gaps in its implementation, such as a lack of adequate assistance and protection for victims of trafficking and missing identification systems.
Strengthening Evidence-informed Policymaking on Migration
Political decision-makers often rely on scientific evidence and expert knowledge as one of many inputs to make choices. But the interplay between science and politics is not easy. How can it be improved? We met with colleagues from academia and policy-makers to discuss the issue. Their best practices and strategies can be found in this policy brief written by Luc Leboeuf, Jakub Bijak, Birte Fähnrich and Daniela Vono de Vilhena.
Vulnerabilities Beyond Age - Filling the gaps in asylum hearing procedures for unaccompanied minors

In this policy brief, VULNER members Hilde Lidén and Sylvie Sarolea provide five policy recommendations.

The policy brief is part of Population Europe's policy brief series "Population & Policy Compact" and available here.



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