Participation in the European Judicial Training Network Study Visit

May 08, 2023

Sophie Nakueira was one of the trainers in the European Judicial Training Network (EJTN) Study Visit hosted by the Max Planck Institute for Social Anthropology. She discussed how European notions of ‘family’ impact on refugee protection and the resettlement of the most vulnerable refugees. In her presentation which drew on empirical research conducted in Uganda during the first phase of the VULNER project, Nakueira explained that a western interpretation of family excludes members of the traditional African family with potential risks for child protection in the country of asylum. She further explained that the definition of family in the context of resettlement to third countries depends on the admission criteria of receiving States, which is usually very restrictive. She highlighted the tension between African care practices and formal procedures that require proof of family ties in the registration of separated minors. The EJTN Study Visit which took place on 8-9 May objective was to provide deeper knowledge and comparative perspectives on how to adequate address cultural and religious diversity in the courtroom, with specific reference to family/kinship relationships and identities across borders. To learn more about the EJTN visit

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