VULNER Final conference 

June 09, 2023

On June 8-9, 2023, our project’s final conference took place in Brussels. The conference aim was to consider how VULNER’s findings across seven countries can shape new ways of approaching “vulnerability” in the asylum system and with migrants seeking protection. At the conference, our research teams presented the 10 “key messages” from their findings and discussed their recommendations with stakeholders from the EUAA, academia, international organizations, migrants’ rights organizations, lawyers and more.


Discussions addressed the following questions: How do we move towards more consistent practices in addressing asylum seekers and other migrants’ vulnerabilities? How do we guarantee that these practices reflect migrants’ experiences? How do we prevent migrants from facing even more vulnerability?


The discussions were recorded, and they can be viewed on our YouTube channel here (link to

See our 10 key messages here (link to

See the conference programme here (link to

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