Advisory Board

 Independent Ethics Advisor

Anthony Good

Anthony Good is a Professor Emeritus in the School of Social and Political Science at the University of Edinburgh.

He provides independent ethics guidance and monitoring to the project members.

Advisory Board Members

Helena Behr (UNHCR)

Jean-Yves Carlier

Jean-Yves Carlier is a Professor in law at the Catholic University of Louvain, the University of Liège, the University Saint-Louis and a lawyer at the Bar of the Walloon Brabant, Belgium.

He is or has been a Visiting Professor at the Universities of Paris 2, Geneva, Caen, Aix, Montreal, Ouagadougou, Cotonou and Bujumbura.

James Hathaway

James C. Hathaway is the James E. and Sarah A. Degan Professor of Law and Director of the Program in Refugee and Asylum Law at the University of Michigan, USA.

Hathaway’s publications include more than one hundred journal articles, book chapters, and studies; a leading treatise on the refugee definition (The Law of Refugee Status, second edition 2014 with M. Foster; first edition 1991); an interdisciplinary study of models for refugee law reform (Reconceiving International Refugee Law, 1997); and The Rights of Refugees under International Law (2005), the first comprehensive analysis of the human rights of refugees set by the UN Refugee Convention and the International Bill of Rights. 

He is the founding Editor of Cambridge Asylum and Migration Studies and Senior Advisor to Asylum Access, a non-profit organization committed to delivering innovative legal aid to refugees in the global South. 

Hathaway regularly advises and provides training on refugee law to academic, non-governmental, and official audiences around the world.

Francesca Ippolito (University of Cagliari)

Francesca Ippolito is currently an Associate Professor of International Law at the University of Cagliari, Italy, where she also teaches EU law. She is a principal investigator and member of funded national, international and European projects as well as a Visiting Professor in several universities including Glasgow, Bordeaux, Grenoble-Alpes, Valencia and Seville. She is a selected member of the prestigious Research Centre of The Hague, Academy of International Law and a member of the Scientific Board of the journal European Papers.

She researches and publishes in the area of international human rights law, international migration law, children's rights, general principles and European integration. Her most recent publications include a monographic study on vulnerability, entitled "Understanding vulnerability in international human rights law" (to be published by the end of 2020/early 2021); and edited volumes such as F. Ippolito, G. Borzoni, F. Casolari (eds.), Bilateral Relations in the Mediterranean. Prospects for migration issues, Edward Elgar Publishing, 2020; F. Ippolito, M.E. Bartoloni, M. Condinanzi (eds.), The proliferation of integration principles in EU law: towards a more policy consistency? Routledge, 2018; F. Ippolito, G. Biagioni (eds.), Migrant children: challenges for international law, pubblicato nella collana diretta da Maurizio Arcari, Enrico Milano e Attila Tanzi, La ricerca del diritto nella comunità internazionale, Editorale Scientifica Italian (ESI), December 2016; F. Ippolito, S. Trevisanut (eds), Migration in the Mediterranean: Mechanisms of International Cooperation, Cambridge (Cambridge University Press), December 2015 – reprinted in 2018 in paperback and F. Ippolito, S. Iglesias Sanchez (eds.), The protection of vulnerable groups. The European Human Rights Framework, Oxford (Hart Publishing - Modern Studies in European Law Series), February 2015.

Fatima Khan (University of Cape Town)

James Milner (Carleton University)

James Milner is an Associate Professor of Political Science at Carleton University. He is also currently the Project Director of LERRN: The Local Engagement Refugee Research Network, a 7-year, SSHRC-funded partnership between researchers and civil society actors, primarily in Canada, Jordan, Kenya, Lebanon and Tanzania.

He has been a researcher, practitioner and policy advisor on issues relating to the global refugee regime, global refugee policy and the politics of asylum in the global South.

In recent years, he has undertaken field research in Burundi, Guinea, Kenya, India, Tanzania and Thailand, and has presented research findings to stakeholders in New York, Geneva, London, Ottawa, Bangkok, Nairobi, Dar es Salaam and elsewhere. He has worked as a Consultant for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in India, Cameroon, Guinea and its Geneva Headquarters.

Anna Triandafyllidou

Anna Triandafyllidou is the Canada Excellence Research Chair in Migration and Integration at Ryerson University, in Toronto, where she is setting up a large research program on international migration with a double focus on Canada and global migration.

She previously held a Robert Schuman Chair at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy (2012-2019), where she led the Cultural Pluralism research area in the EUI's Global Governance Programme.

She is the Editor of the Journal of Immigrant and Refugee Studies and chairs the Editorial Committee of the IMISCOE network.

For more details on her work please visit and

Pierre Verbeeren (NGO ‘Médecins du Monde’)

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