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May 06, 2021

Jakob Junghans, VULNER member of the German team, published the article 'Instrumente für einen effektiven Gewaltschutz in Aufnahmeeinrichtungen' (Instruments for effective protection against violence in state reception centres) in the journal 'ZAR - Zeitschrift für Ausländerrecht und Ausländerpolitik'.

In the article, Jakob presents some preliminary findings of his research, which he undertook in Germany as part of the VULNER project and under the direction of Winfried Kluth.

In his analysis of current regulations at national and federal state level regarding the protection of vulnerable asylum seekers against violence in Germany’s asylum reception centres (in particular women and members of the LGBTIQ+ community), Jakob sheds a critical light on the tensions and paradoxes of developing humanitarian protection tools in a broader legal context driven by migration control considerations. He also suggests some concrete solutions to address that tension, while offering effective protection against violence in asylum reception centres.

The article is in German and is available for download here:

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