Book Chapter

September 06, 2021

Winfried Kluth and Jakob Junghans, both members of the German VULNER team, have contributed the chapter 'Schutzvorkehrungen für vulnerable Personen im deutschen Ausländerrecht' (Protective Measures for vulnerable People in German Foreigners' Law) to the 'Yearbook on Migration Law of the Federal Republic of Germany' (Jahrbuch des Migrationsrechts für die Bundesrepublik Deutschland).

The Yearbook provides concise information on the development of residence, refugee, nationality and social law for foreigners in Germany in the year 2020 in case law, legislation and literature. It reports on the case law of European (ECtHR and ECJ) and national courts, the focal points of institutions active in migration law (DIMR, BAMF and UNHCR), legislation and literature.

The chapter is in German and available here.

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